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A covered drink helps prevent tampering, germs, and foreign substances from ruining your night. 

At 4 ½ inches in diameter, The Captain conforms and protects all beverage tops including cocktails, beers, wine glasses, soda, coffee and water.

At 500 sheets per box, The Captain is dispensed to patrons one sheet at a time, similar to a box of tissues. It will help offer protection to any unattended drinks and display any tampering, and can be reapplied multiple times in a night. Its food-grade, non-toxic aluminum foil makeup allows it to be fully recyclable.

As a bonus, covering your drink with The Captain helps keep the beverage closer to its desired temperature. And a straw can poke through!

The Captain is the perfect solution to give your customer peace of mind for pennies per sheet.


A custom logo can be applied to your purchase by request (Minimum order of 1000 boxes, with bulk discount).

The Captain

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